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Our Platform

SUPRA linéa


Capacity: 325kg (from 0° to 36°) – 250kg (until 45°)

Maximal rail length : 40m

Maximal slope: until 45°

Speed: 7 cm/second (option: 14cm/second)

Minimum staircase width: 955mm (standard) and 755mm (platform out of standard)

Weight: about 130kg (+ rail weight: 15kg/m)

Our inclined platform SUPRA LINEA has a robust rail which can be used has handrail. 

The platform folds down to leave more space to the staircase. It also has anti-trapping panels which give access to the opening. At the starting point, panels closed down and the safety bars pull down in order to secure the user during way.

Deliver with remote control.



Capacity: 250kg

Maximal rail length : 40m

Maximal slope: until 45°

Speed: 7cm/second

Minimum staircase width: from 943mm (specific platform)

Weight: about 155kg (+ rail weight: 15kg/m)

SUPRA has the same asset as SUPRA LINEA, however it has been designed for curved shapes. 

The double rail is thin and solid, and follows perfectly the curve of the stair.